Access Statement


    We deal with enquiries by telephone, by post, and by e-mail and social media (Facebook or Twitter). 

    Our website is accessible to all users. 

    We are in a North Pennines countryside location served by the 101 bus service.

Public Transport & Car Parking Facilities 

    Weardale Motor Services 101 stops outside the Museum about 25 metres away. Buses run every hour except on Sundays and Bank holidays

    We have a small car park for about 8 cars behind the Museum, visitors can off load at the door.

    Coaches can off load outside the Museum and return later to on load. 

    Coach parking is in St John’s Chapel (1/2 mile) or Ireshopeburn (1/4 mile)

Main Entrance & Reception 

    There is a small step (10 cm) to the main entrance. 

    Access for wheelchairs is via the main road door (width36”).

    A hearing loop system is in use at reception.

    The reception area is well lit. 

Public Areas - General (Internal)

    The attraction comprises a cottage museum on two levels. The adjoining former Methodist Chapel is at present closed to visitors.


Public Areas - General (Internal) - The Museum

    Access between floors is by stairs. ( 13 steps)

    The stair case has a handrail on one side and contrasting stair nosings.

    Lighting is mainly provided by daylight and spotlights that highlight     exhibitions. 

    We have a large unisex toilet with disability access.

    Guide and assistance dogs are welcome - no non-working pet dogs please 

    The ground floor is accessible to wheelchairs. Large display books are     available to show what we have in upstairs galleries and can be viewed in our Wesley Room where there is seating.

    Floor coverings on the ground floor are carpets and traditional mats.

    There is no public telephone in the museum and the signal for mobile phones is variable.

    The layout is crowded but furniture can be moved to provide room for     wheelchairs downstairs.

Public Areas - General (Internal) - The Chapel

The Chapel is under development and there is no access to the visiting public.


Public Areas - WC 

    The disabled visitors' lavatory, 3 metres from the main entrance, has to be     accessed by wheelchair users via the main entrance door (Width only 33”) .

    The floor surface near the lavatory is made of concrete 

    The disabled visitors' lavatory is a purpose-built unisex toilet with all the usual facilities 

    The door opens outwards. 

    All taps are easy to use and do not require an ability to grip 

    A coat hook and low-level mirror are provided 

    The walls are painted white.

A baby changing facility is available.

Interpretation (displays, exhibits, etc) 

    There is no access to wheelchair users to the upstairs galleries but fully illustrated A3 books describing our stories are provided for those visitors who cannot access the first floor. 

    A copy of our Genealogy resource is available on the downstairs computer.

    The Weardale Kitchen room downstairs is a handling collection.

    All of our display boards use the Myriad Pro font and 28 point text. 

    Our labels and display books use a 14 point font. 


    There are no refreshments at the museum. But staff will give directions to nearby cafes.


    The museum shop selling local history books, pens, postcards and bookmarks is located at reception. 

    Staff will be pleased to assist disabled visitors as may be necessary. 

    A low-level counter is provided. 

    There is a small step down into the shop. The shop is carpeted with rugs.

Grounds and Gardens

    There are no gardens. 


There are no brown signs. The Museum has large external signs about 200 and 400 metres from the premises on the main A689 road approaching the Museum. A finger post and a car parking sign are positioned opposite to the Museum car park entrance. The Museum also has a large name sign on the front of the building, a sign indicating open or closed and a sign giving open times. Signage to assist parking is provided in the car park.

Because of the size of the museum there is no need for internal navigation signs but a notice at the bottom of the stairs describes the galleries upstairs. Our steward for the day when greeting visitors explains the layout of the building and galleries as well as the Chapel which needs to be accessed from outside.

Contact Information 

    Address: Weardale Museum, Hotts, Ireshopeburn, Co Durham, DL13 1HD

    Telephone (during museum hours): 01388 335085

Telephone (out of hours) 07990 786220

    Email: [email protected]


Hours of Operation

    Hours of operation: 13:30 - 16:30

    Easter and Bank Holidays

April - Wednesday to Sunday inclusive 

May – Wednesday to Sunday inclusive

    June – Wednesday to Sunday inclusive 

    July – every afternoon

    August – every afternoon

    September – every afternoon

    October– Wednesday to Sunday inclusive

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if you have any comments please email or telephone if unable to use email.

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