Census Records

Complete Census from 1841-1911 for Stanhope and Wolsingham Parishes.

We have fully computer-searchable transcripts of the complete censuses for the Parishes of Stanhope and Wolsingham, like the extract shown below, which together cover the whole of Weardale.

The files are in a spreadsheet format searchable by a number of useful filters for each of the fields – surname, forenames, address, birthplace, occupation, etc – so that searchers can instantaneously locate all entries relating to a particular family or place. The 300 members of the Peart family can be selected and displayed in just a few clicks.

The example below shows how filters can be used to search for specific family information.

Excel Census Search Example

1. People can be easily found using the surname filter.

2. The address filter will select all the people living at a particular address.

3. Use the occupation filter to find people employed in, for example, lead mining.

Click here to view a video demonstration showing demonstrating a record search.

Please note: The database is not yet available online. 

The Museum Trustees are grateful for the painstaking work carried out over many years by Dr John Backhouse in transcribing the Stanhope Parish Census and Eric Draper for transcribing the Wolsingham Parish Census.

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