Methodist Tapestries Collection added to website

March 8th 2022

Methodist Tapestries Collection

We are delighted to announce that the Methodist Tapestries Collection now has its own space on our website! In addition to providing some information about the project and details on how people can participate, we feature three panels showing how each was created. The three panels chosen for this are 'Education and Sunday Schools', 'Storm at Sea' and 'The Book Society at Westgate'.

There are also photos of four panels in the Gallery section of the website, currently 'What is in a Name', 'Christopher Hopper, Chief Evangelist in the North Country', 'The Book Society at Westgate' and 'Trials of the Travelling Preacher.

We will be changing the panels featured in the gallery section regularly, so please do revisit in a few weeks and see what is there!

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