Weardale Museum 2022 Update

January 23rd 2022

New Year Update

How wonderful that the Museum could re-open during 2021, touring exhibitions re-commence and the opportunity for our wonderful Volunteers to re-engage with visitors to the Manse or the exhibition stands.

Despite the continuing Covid-19 restrictions we were able to make good progress in addressing serious “Priority 1” and “Urgent” restoration works during the first half of the year but thereafter we could not attract significant levels of funding to carry forward the major works and it has proven frustrating for everyone involved.

We continue to respond to several potential funding opportunities, the outcomes of which will be known between February – June. Optimistic as we remain, the reality is that all such funders are facing overwhelming levels of demand which far outstrip availability.

Now approaching Year 5 of this project, we will keep striving towards completion.

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